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Carrie-Ann Lightley

Accessible travel blog sharing accessibility reviews, disability travel guides and wheelchair travel tips​.

Carrie-Ann sitting in her wheelchair in front of a lake. She's wearing a hat and sunglasses.
Carrie-Ann sits in her wheelchair in front of a tarn in the Lake District.

City Breaks

Read my tried-and-tested wheelchair accessible travel guides to cities in the UK and overseas, including Barcelona, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Madrid, Manchester, London, and Rome.

Carrie-Ann on an off-road wheelchair with her dog sat on her lap

My mission is to encourage and inspire others to travel to, explore and discover new places

Travel Tips

Read my travel tips to help you make the most of your wheelchair accessible trips and holidays.

Carrie-Ann in her wheelchar at the Lodge Forest Visitor Centre Aberfoyle (1).jpg

Carrie-Ann L​ightley is one of the UK's leading accessible travel blogs


Read my thoughts on life as a disabled traveller and wheelchair user - from common myths, and the funny things strangers say to me on my travels, to language and terminology, and why I want to inspire others.

Carrie-Ann in her wheelchair in front of a lake

I also write for other websites, magazines and newspapers

Hotel Reviews

Read my reviews of wheelchair accessible hotels across the UK, from swanky city getaways to luxury spa retreats.

Carrie-Ann in her wheelchair next to a fountain

Interested in collaborating? 

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Holiday Cottages

Read my reviews of wheelchair accessible cottages, bungalows, farm stays, lodges and gites across the UK and Europe.

Black and white photo of Carrie-Ann in her wheelchair in the Lake Disctict countryside
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