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FREEBIE - 30 Day Wheelchair Accessible Travel Planner

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Grab your free '30 Day Wheelchair Accessible Travel Planner' which breaks down the process of planning an accessible trip into small daily tasks.

Top of image reads - Free 30 Day Wheelchair Accessible Travel Planner Book your next trip with just one small task each day! Middle of image shows Carrie-Ann in her wheelchair. Bottom of image has this blog's website address and logo

Looking to plan your next wheelchair accessible trip, but feeling daunted and unsure of where to begin? This free printable breaks down the planning process of a seasoned disabled traveller, with a short, actionable tip each day and links to my favourite resources. Tick off each as you go and watch your trip become a reality.

How To Get Your Freebie

To get your free printable, just sign up to my free accessible travel newsletter - full of travel resources, news, reviews, guides and tips - using the link below. It’ll then arrive automatically in your inbox.

Accessibility notes - the 30 Day Planner PDF was created using Canva, and as such, there is no way to make it accessible to screen readers (frustrating, I know!). As an alternative, I've included the option to download a plain text, screen reader friendly version.



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