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Product review: Enora® Air Seat

I tried out the Enora® Air Seat - a brand new pressure relieving air cushion designed to give wheelchair users extra support and comfort.

AD – this post is sponsored by Enora®.

“My wheelchair is my freedom.” - is something I say often. To remind people that using a wheelchair isn’t something tragic; it’s a liberation. It gives me the freedom to work, to travel, to experience the world.

But there’s no getting away from the fact that sitting down in any kind of chair for long periods of time can cause pain. Cerebral palsy adds complexity, and as I head into my late thirties, I find myself often dealing with some kind of niggle, injury or pain in my back and shoulders.

I’ve experimented with all kinds of things to get relief, from massage guns and heating aids to acupuncture and custom seating. Read more about my tips for pain management. So, I was excited to try out the new Enora® Air Seat for some added comfort in my wheelchair and around the house.

Carrie-Ann sitting in her wheelchair on the Enora Air Seat holiding the Air Pump

Clinically proven airflow relief delivered to your home

Here’s the exciting part: Enora® offers Repose®, NHS-backed technology in a range of cushions available for quick and easy home delivery. No need for referrals or waiting times for assessments, simply order online and receive within 5-7 working days.

Unboxing was quick and easy, with three simple components - the Air Pump, Repose® inner, and the Enora® cover.

Setting up the Enora® Air Seat

I really appreciated the simple, clear assembly instructions and ease of inflating the cushion. The Air Pump is connected to a valve on the Repose® inner, you then push the Air Pump up and down to inflate and will hear a helpful click once it has fully inflated. The inner then easily slips into the soft cushion cover and you’re ready for comfort!

It’s recommended to check the inflation levels regularly and ‘top up’ every two weeks.

The enora air repose inner and cover

Using the Enora® Air Seat

‘Recovery and relief, powered by air’ is the strapline used by Enora®, and the premise on which all of their products are based. I love the simplicity of this concept. The air power is reactive, which means that it adapts to the body’s motion to give pressure relief.

The Enora® Air Seat is a wheelchair cushion specifically designed for general-purpose wheelchairs, with two sections for independent back and seat support, ensuring even pressure redistribution and maximum comfort.

The Air Seat is available in four colours – uplifting blue, glowing green, relieving peach, and luminous yellow. And isn’t that refreshing! No boring beige or grey, which is what we’re so used to seeing on mobility and daily living aids. The design feels sleek and stylish and blends in nicely around my home and on my wheelchair.

The enora air seat and pump on a grey sofa

I’ve used the Air Seat on my wheelchair around the house, and it’s made a huge difference to my pain levels when I’m in the kitchen cooking a meal. It’s also given me some extra comfort when I’m sitting on the sofa chilling in the evenings, and it’s even helped me to get pressure relief when I’m working at my desk. This last one is so important to me, as I spend up to 8 hours a day sitting at my computer, often feeling quite tense and sore.

The enora air seat on a desk chair by a computer

It's important to say that unfortunately I haven’t been able to use the Air Seat in my wheelchair outside of the house. That’s because I have an active manual wheelchair set up with a lower back rest, and as the Air Seat back comes up quite high, I found that it restricted my upper arm movement too much for me to safely use it outside. However, it’s the perfect size for use with a higher-backed manual chair or a powerchair and would be game-changing for longer days out or trips where pesky pressure pain can impact your enjoyment.

Where to buy the Enora® Air Seat

Find out more about Enora®’s clinically proven air-powered products, check out all of the gorgeous colours available, and order for home delivery from 

A thank you card from Enora

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